One of the many perks of having parent’s in town is the delicious dinners. I have had Craig’s on my list of restaurants to go to for a very long time. One of my guilty pleasures is scrolling through TMZ and I have come across a large number of celebrities exiting this restaurant. About a year ago I had takeout from Craig’s and was not impressed so it baffled my that all of these celebrities were flocking to the same restaurant. A couple of weeks ago we called to see if we could get in for dinner and of course they were booked so a reservation was made for two weeks later.

When we arrived at Craig’s we noticed the crazy number of paparazzi waiting outside ready to pounce on the incoming celebrity. We walked inside the restaurant and found a small dark atmosphere. There were large booths as well as a full bar and more tables. We sat our table and was offered some bread, however their bread is a freshly baked garlic bread that is a must to try. We started our dinner with a vegetable crudité and the truffle mushroom pizza. Wow. The crudité was beautiful, shaved vegetables and the most delicious hummus topped with sea salt.


8826 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 276-1900

Mushroom Truffle Pizza

Mushroom Truffle Pizza

Vegetable Crudité

Vegetable Crudité

The pizza was incredible to say the least. I could’ve eaten the whole pizza but this was just appetizers. I will have to say this is my favorite pizza ever. It is perfectly crisp with finely chopped mushrooms and parmasen and topped with truffle oil. This pizza set the tone for the rest of the night as our group had honey truffle chicken, truffle fries, and truffle jalapeño corn. For my entree I had the a warm quinoa salad that was delicious as well. It was vegan but so filling that I had to take some home for later. I also was unable to take pictures of my food because we were enjoying our meal and ate it all before it was too late. Craig’s has a lot of vegan options, truffle, and meat options, perfect for all groups. I now know why Craig’s is such a popular destination.

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