Sugar Fish

One of my favorite places to go for sushi is Sugar Fish. The food is consistently good, no matter the location. Lately I find myself getting takeout and venturing to the downtown location because it is very close to school. Sugar Fish makes the ordering process easy as they are know for their three pre fixe menu items as well as various a la carte options.

Today I felt extremely hungry and went all out and ordered the Nozawa Trust Me. This is the biggest pre fixe menu item as it starts with edamame and tuna sashimi and further 8 pieces of various sushi and two hand rolls. Sugar Fish is simple yet their ingredients shine. Every time I go I can’t help but obsess over the warm rice, fresh and delicate fish, and perfectly paired sauces. I will continue to go to Sugar Fish for a very long time and recommend it to all sushi lovers. I always start out with an iced green tea and tend to get a baby scallop hand roll in place of the blue crab hand roll. I would, however, try to stay away during lunch hours as it gets very crowded and there is usually a long wait.


600 W 7th Street, Suite 150 Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: 213 627-3000

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