Gracias Madre

One cannot visit Los Angeles, let alone live in LA without trying vegan cuisine. While I am not a true vegan, I love having the option and living in LA has given me the opportunity to try many different vegan restaurants. One of the trendiest restaurants in West Hollywood is Gracias Madre. Gracias Madre is owned by Café Gratitude, another vegan restaurant; however Gracias Madre is Mexican food. While some will argue that vegan food is not filling and sometimes tastes weird, I urge them to try Gracias Madre. When arriving at Gracias Madre it is not shocking to find paparazzi lurking around the corner. This is due to the trendy crowd as well as the restaurant being located across from Craig’s. Gracias Madre has a beautiful patio as well as a full bar with unique drinks. If you show up with a grumbling stomach I suggest el Plato, full of rice and beans, pico de gallo, butternut squash, chorizo mushrooms, cashew nacho cheese, and house made tortillas. If that doesn’t sound like it will fill you up then I would recommend ordering the typical chips and guacamole and as a plus there is already a trio of house made salsas on the table. If you are looking for lighter fare I would recommend starting with the roasted corn on the cob and ending with the Ensalada Del Invierno or Kale Salad. The corn is creamy and crunchy and the kale is fresh and spicy because of the delicious chipotle dressing. What I love most about Gracias Madre is that I can order absolutely anything on the menu and know that it is made with the freshest ingredients and always packed with flavor.


8905 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 978-2170

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