True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is one of the best restaurants to take a large group of people who have varying diets. Whenever I am faced with the daunting task of trying to satisfy an entire groups pallet I offer the idea of dining at True Food Kitchen. At this restaurant you can get a juicy Bison Burger or in contrast you can order a TLT: Tempeh, Lettuce, and Tomato, the vegan version of a BLT. True Foods also has a full operating bar and is at the end of the Santa Monica Promenade where there is plenty to do or shop before or after lunch/dinner. When dining at True Foods you will always be happy to see fresh ingredients and a variety of choices.

If my friends were to guess what I was going to eat for dinner I think they all would agree I would choose a kale salad with salmon. Writing this post, I had kale salad and salmon for lunch a couple of hours ago and wouldn’t mind another one for dinner in a few hours as well. True Food Kitchen has a delicious kale salad with salmon that I would order for every meal if that were acceptable. Their kale salad is not bitter but instead is tart because it has been cut into small pieces and massaged to get that normally bitter taste away. The salad is topped with parmesan cheese and a few bread crumbs for some crunch, making it perfectly simple. I add the salmon on the salad so that I get my daily protein and B-12, found only in animal protein. When craving my vegan options I opt for the TLT which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to meat eaters because it is in no way a true BLT, however, for the vegan is a perfect substitute. For a meat eater who dares to skip on the protein for one meal I would recommend the Inside out Quinoa Burger which is two quinoa patties with lettuce, tomato, and hummus. This dish is filling because of the quinoa but also light on the stomach. When faced with the daunting choice of whether to get sweet potato has or kale salad for your side, choose both, as the combination is tart and sweet, completing the delicious meal.


Santa Monica Place
395 Santa Monica Place, Suite 172
Santa Monica, California 90401
(310) 593-8300

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