Le Pain Quotidien

I love when I find a restaurant close to where I live. I love it even more when I find a restaurant that is all around California and even across the country. Le Pain Quotidien is one of these restaurants that is located in many places across the country that utilizes the farm-to-table concept. No matter the location, the food is fresh and unique. Their menu offers a wide selection for vegetarians and vegans, as well as meat eaters. Le Pain Quotidien is perfect for breakfast or lunch and even offers a quick to-go selection of salads, pastries, and coffee. One of my favorite foods to make in the morning is avocado toast, however, when I am running out the door and only have time for lunch, I choose to go to Le Pain Quotidien and indulge in their delicious avocado toast. Their toast is so good that I even asked for their special cumin salt as a gift for the holidays, soon to realize that their “special” topping was simply cumin and salt mixed together. When it is cold but I still want to sit outside, I order a mocha latte with almond milk and the crispy quinoa cake. This dish is so filling and warm, perfect for a chilly day.


9630 S Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 859-1100

2 thoughts on “Le Pain Quotidien

  1. veganrescue says:

    Beautiful pics!! You had me at…. “even across the country” so I said what the hell lets google… How excited am I to see the have a location in Philly! I love it when I learn about a new local restaurant too. 🙂
    Super excited to try. Thanks for the post!


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