Bazaar The Restaurant by José Andres 

José Andres has done it again with his spectacular restaurant, the Bazaar. This restaurant is truly bizarre with its wacky creations that honestly seem to surprise you with every bite. There is no doubt that each ingredient and preparation has been thought through hundreds of times because one would ever seem to come up with these dishes easily.

I dined at the Bazaar with two of my friends and we each ordered three dishes, a drink, and dessert. I was not able to capture all of our tapas, as I was in the moment and ate them too quickly. I started my dinner with the Ultimate Spanish Tapa, hilariously their take on tuna salad. Their dishes usually arrive at the table not fully prepared, but then finished by the server in front of your eyes. The tuna salad was delicious and light but perfectly balanced with crunchy potatoes and carrots. After this dish I ordered the Brussels sprouts, another light dish of individual peeled sprouts with a topping of lemon air. This concoction was eloquently seasoned and thought out and even had a creamy buttery element. I ended my meal with a favorite, the jicama wrapped guacamole. These little bites were perfect, as if you were sticking a spoon into a bowl of the most creamy yet salty guacamole ever. I wish I had a cone of this guac that I could eat to my liking. After dinner we were brought into the dessert room. You cannot imagine what this dessert room is like. It resembles the inside of some wacky dreamlike circus situation full of homemade chocolates, cupcakes, mouse, and every other sweet concoction that one could dream of. We ordered a plethora of desserts, the best being the hot chocolate mouse, a warm chocolate with crunchy chocolate pearls and little bites of pear on the bottom. We scraped that bowl clean and then had small bites of cookies, chocolate pop rocks, an orange chocolate crispy bar, and some salted caramels to go. While our dining experience was far from cheap, it was very worth it as it was much more than just a dinner and more like a trip through José Andrew’s mind.


465 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 246-5555

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