La Scala

I chose to dine at La Scala for one reason, the famous Chopped Salad! I arrived at the restaurant and was surprised that their was no valet, as it is located on the street in Beverly Hills, however, there is a parking garage and public valet across the street. Once we stepped into La Scala, we were promptly seated at our reservation time. The restaurant itself is dark and fairly small and as I looked around every table had at least one Chopped Salad. I did not think twice about what I was going to order, so when it came to my turn I ordered the Chopped Salad without salami and then was asked a series of questions. My waitress asked me if I wanted tuna or to add any vegetables and so I did as tuna is one of my favorite proteins. Our drinks came quickly, however, we had to wait about 50 minutes for our food, which was very upsetting because I think we ate an entire basket of bread. Once our food came we were all very delighted as it was as delicious as the hype surrounding the restaurant. My fellow companions had Gnocchi, The Chicken salad with goat cheese, Portobello Ravioli, and Lobster Ravioli. I was assured that the Italian dishes were up to par, as one of my friends had just gotten back from an Italian vacation, where she feasted on a bounty of pasta dishes. My salad was absolutely fantastic, very large, even enough to share, however, I was in love so I ate the entire plate. The tuna was a must add for those who enjoy it, as well as cucumber and tomatoes for a little extra crunch. What I loved most about this salad was that it was chopped extra finely so that each bite was exactly the same and perfectly balanced.


434 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 275-0579

Famous Chopped Salad add tuna, cucumber, and tomato!

Famous Chopped Salad add tuna, cucumber, and tomato!

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