Marmalade Café

When you find something good you always want to have it. This statement is definitely true about the many locations of Marmalade Café! This restaurant is perfect for the picky eater as they will have a giant menu to choose from. Marmalade is very casual and easy to pop into when the other restaurants are very busy.

This weekend I went to Marmalade Café. As I stated before I simply walked in and sat down for dinner. Normally I would prefer to stay away from chain restaurants, however, Marmalade has a wide selection of salads and heathy options! For dinner I ate the Ahi Tuna Salad and my Mom ate the Salmon Nicoise. We both enjoyed our salads but they were not fabulous. We decided that the Ahi Salad was much better than the Salmon but both were good! One tip I would give is not to venture to the Malibu location during brunch hours as everyone is trying to get in at that time. It is best to go when all of the other restaurants in the area are packed and can’t fit you in!


6333 W 3rd St E17, Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 954-0088

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