Road trip-Bob’s Well Bread Bakery

I stumbled upon this bakery early this morning on my route to San Francisco. This weekend I am going to a music festival called Outside Lands where I will further indulge in delicious local foods. The building stood alone in Los Alamos, a town north of Lompoc, CA. We arrived 15 before opening but decided to wait it out as the aroma of fresh bread and pastries entered our car window.

The deli case was filled with typical French pastries: buttery croissants, decadent pan au chocolat, and other assorted bagels and tarts.  These baked goods were all freshly baked and looks absolutely delicious. For breakfast we ordered the avocado toast with a poached egg and the egg in a jar. The avocado toast was creamy and salty and the pepitas added an extra crunch element. The poached egg on top was a must add as it created another element of smoothness. The egg in a jar sat on top of a perfectly whipped bed of puréed purple potatoes. The bacon lardon added a smokey, salty, and chewy texture. The sticks of toast on the side were a perfect platform for the ingredient and added  another crunch element. While one would think we would’ve been satisfied with these dishes, we indulged in some pastries to go, as well as diving into the kouign amann. I highly recommend ordering a kouign amann with your coffee. It has decadent caramelization on the bottom, crunch on the top, and easy to pull apart and get to the gooey middle. I recommend stopping at this bakery if you are taking the drive up north.

550 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440
(805) 344-3000

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