Matcha Box

Love this shop! Simple menu of matcha drinks and a couple of matcha infused treats! The owner is very knowledgable about the benefits of matcha and how to make your own matcha drink at home. There are various types of matcha powder that you can buy to as well as tools to customize your delicious drink.

I had the matcha bitch which was an iced drink with ginger! It was very refreshing and reminded me of when I drink kombucha but much more mild. My cousin had the matcha hero which was matcha and almond milk. Her drink was sweet and perfect for those who are new to matcha, much less bitter than a normal matcha drink. Both of the drinks are served with one chocolate covered almond which was delicious and cured my sweet tooth.

I highly recommend trying matcha box if you are on third street eating and want a coffee alternative pick me up! Matcha has so many benefits and this the first store of its kind!

8036 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048
(877) 962-8242

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