Now that I am moved back into my new apartment, I am able to start trying the long list of restaurants on my extended list. I usually limit myself to restaurants that are 20 minutes away for brunch because when I wake up hungry I am ready to have my delicious meal and get on with my day. Today I chose to venture to Sqirl, a hip organic small hole-in-the-wall restaurant with various salads, sautés, sandwiches, and lattes. In my mind brunch is not complete without eggs and luckily Sqirl had the option of adding a perfectly poached egg to each dish.

We arrived at Sqirl and parked on the street, our parking karma was clearly good as it was steps from the restaurant line. The shop itself is pretty quaint so we waiting in a line for about 15 minutes before ordering, scouring to choose something from the menu as it all looked amazing.  To begin we shared the Ricotta Toast with Olallieberry Jam. This toast was the dessert portion of our brunch as the ricotta was so creamy and sweet and the jam tart and acidic. While these toppings had to be the standout from afar, the best feature of this toast had to be the crunchy and perfectly toasted Brioche Toast. For my main meal I opted for the turmeric tonic, for my congested self, and the Sorrel Pesto Rice Bowl, a combination of brown rice, creamy feta, homemade hot sauce, and a poached egg to tie the dish together. My dish was absolutely scrumptious and balanced between the hot sauce and creamy feta and runny yolk. My roommates order the Crispy Rice Salad with the Works which was similar to my dish but the rice was crunchy and had a toasted flavor. This dish also included sausage which was grilled to order which created a salty element as well. My other roommate indulged in the Green Eggs & Jam Tartine, similar to an egg-in-a-hole, but slathered with caramelized onions, creamed spinach, and peppery arugula. Each dish was absolutely delectable and there were so many more dishes on the menu that we hadn’t even explored. As my roommate concluded “I think that we should put Sqirl in our rotation.”


720 Virgil Ave #4
Los Angeles CA 90029
T (323) 284 8147

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