Brentwood Country Mart

Sometimes I don’t want to drive all the way to Santa Monica so instead I stop in Brentwood! One of the best aspects of Brentwood is the country mart and this one includes various little shops with diverse groups of food. What is best about these shops is the inclusion of vegetarian food as well as a full fledged restaurant, Farmshop.

Previously I have dined in the open mart and ordered fresh salads and also delicious Greek cuisine. I love the Greek play with falafel and hummus, perfect to share, as well as the veggie burger which can be loaded with an array of toppings. The Farmshop is similar to a marketplace because of its packaged items and deli counter full of fresh prepared food. At the Farmshop I love to order the egg salad. This dish comes in a small side bowl along with two pieces of brioche toast. The egg salad is creamy and the brioche is crunchy and salty. I also enjoy the organic ice cream shop, Sweet Rose, which has my favorite ice cream mint chocolate chip. This ice cream isn’t a fake flavored mess but instead tastes of fresh mint and creamy frozen delight. I definitely reccomend stopping in Brentwood and eating your way through the country mart. What’s even better is there are so many shops in the area including formal and bikini attire.


225 26th St, Los Angeles, CA 90402
(310) 451-9877

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