A couple nights ago I craved pizza and being the foodie I am I was determined to find the best pizza in Los Angeles. One website led to me the top ten pizza joints and I landed straight on number one Sotto, surprisingly a couple blocks down from where I live in Century City. I zipped down Pico and was happy to see valet parking and was seated immediately.

Our meal began on such a high note, I knew right away that this was a great choice. The fresh burrata and homemade bread was absolutely spectacular. I still crave the creamy and savory burrata along with the toasted and chewy bread. After having our mouths water all over the table we ordered the fried chick pea fritters. These fritters were warm and cheesy just the way I like it, melting under some freshly grated parmesan. For our entrees I ordered the mushrooms and we shared a Margherita pizza. My dish had various notes of flavor, starting from the bottom with plump black beans and atop delicious mushrooms that had clearly been marinated in some type of vinegar. Of course this dish was topped with parmesan as well, ending that dish with a delicious nutty taste. What I loved most about the pizza was that it was light allowing for the main ingredients to shine. The tomato sauce was divine, I wanted to bottle it up and take it home for some late night ratatouille. I really enjoyed scraping the crispy pizza ends with my leftover burrata cheese.

We ended our meal with the hazelnut tart and the olive oil cake. I was very curious about this olive oil cake and was pleased, however, I think what I like most about it this dessert were the emulsified berries and icing.

9575 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 277-0210

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