Stir Market

I first came upon Stir Market after following one of my fellow food Instagrams. I am a sinner when it comes to avocado toast. I must try them all, my guilty pleasure. I was happy to find out that Stir Market was located in my usual stomping grounds, Fairfax. I was surprised to find the restaurant was actually a marketplace selling an array of specialty treats and wines. I tried to head to the counter to order my brunch but was stopped as my eyes diverted to the cookies and to-go salads.
I was sad to hear that we missed brunch but was delighted by the large lunch menu. I swiftly ordered my typical entrée, a kale salad, however this version was a Chinese Kale Crunch Salad. I am in infatuated with Thai food and so I knew this mashup would delight my tastebuds. My companions both ordered the Brown Rice Bowl and of course the Avocado Toast.
Our dishes arrived promptly, alleviating our grumbling stomachs. My salad was just as I imagined, peanuty and crunchy. The kale was clearly marinated thus diminishing the sometimes bitter taste. The Brown Rice Bowls were delicious as well, offering a lemony notes and unique dandelion greens. The Avocado Toast was small but packed the perfectly balanced amount of creamy avo and crunchy bread. Overall our meal was more than satisfying prompting us to remark “I can’t wait to come back and try…”
Address: 7475 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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