Hinoki & the Bird 

One of my favorite aspects of living in Century City is being adjacent to Hinoki & the Bird. This restaurant packs enormous flavor in each of its lavish dishes. I frequent this restaurant when I want to indulge after a stressful week. Last night after a long day of traveling from Mexico I decided that this cuisine would be my reliever.

After reviewing the menu I noticed a slight twist on some of my frequent dishes. To begin I tried the scrumptious squash toast topped with pepita seeds over melted burrata and drizzled with miso glaze. I became enriched in this while my next dish arrived, fresh tuna sashimi with avocado mousse and white soy. This subsequent dish cleaned my palet as our crispy component arrived, the kale salad. This kale salad sits at the top of my list as it shines with a handful of crispy kale atop large exuberant purple leaves, massaged with a red wine vinaigrette, and finished with curried almonds. I love the different aspects of this salad which has me coming back countless times. Our main protein the black cod was buttery and tender melting with each bite. Finally our sweet element came from one of the wonderful sides, the roasted yam. This dessert like side was topped with creme fraiche and tangy pepper rings. Other notable items include the rest of the menu, however, I will emphasize the delicious lobster roll, beef tartar, chili crab toast, and the best of all the ice cream sandwich (large enough for four). Although it may seem I have listed every item on the menu, I would like to try the lunch menu, lobster ramen, and tuna ragu.

Address: 10 W Century Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90067


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