Groundwork Coffee Co.

I am always a sucker for artisan coffee shops. While these cafés tend to create a deep hole in my pocket, I am continually pulled in, wallet in hand. I was happy to find out that Groundwork Coffee Co. not only had one of the best chai teas in the area, but also offered a large menu of some of my favorite foods.

I am more than happy to have my friends tag along on many of my food adventures, not only for their welcomed company, but also so I can secretly taste a variety of items on the menu. Before we even had a chance to glance at the menu, I knew that I had to order the Avocado Toast as well as the Poké Bowl. Over the summer I would often lunch at Sweetfin Poké so the bar was set quite high for this dish. I then proceeded to find a table and waited patiently for my highly anticipated avo toast. My dishes arrived and after the first bite I knew that this was no ordinary coffee shop. The poké was delicately tossed in the perfect amount of spicy mayo and citrus ponzu atop a bed of marinated seaweed and kale. While this bowl was on the pricier side, it does stand up to its neighboring competition. The avocado toast was presented in an atypical fashion, small bite sized crostinis packed with intense garlic and citrus flavor. I would not recommend ordering both of these dishes for one individual as you will definitely need a to go box and a large stomach, however, if you are like me and like to indulge in leftovers later in the evening then this is the go-to.

Other notable dishes include the bacon guacamole grilled cheese and the chicken bowl (large enough to share). I can’t wait to come back and try more of the unique menu along side some smooth espresso. Later I was lucky to find out that there were many additional locations in Hollywood, DTLA and Art’s District, Larchmont, and Venice.

Hours: Mon – Sun: 5:00 am – 8:00 pm
1601 Montana Ave. (at Sunset), Santa Monica, CA 90403  |  (310) 899-9500  |

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