The Sycamore Kitchen

The Sycamore Kitchen is located off of La Brea, situated near the second most visited area in Southern California, The Grove. As with many restaurants in the area, you order before you sit, so I would recommend looking at the menu before arriving. There are plenty of delectable treats behind the glass to catch your eye and fill your stomach before your entrée arrives.

I started my breakfast with the Flourless Lemon Custard Almond Cake, which was absolutely to die for. It encompassed a perfectly smooth tart lemon custard in the middle of a very moist cake. For my entrée I had the Fried Egg Tartine, while difficult to eat neatly was worth the mess. The bread is what makes every dish here so composed, crunchy on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside. My tartine was smothered with avocado white bean spread, topped with spinach, red and green tomatoes, and finished with a seamless fried egg and pesto. The yolk poured out when cut, as should every egg in my opinion. My dad had the Tuna Sandwich and commended that dish as well. He is the connoisseur of tuna salad in LA and applauded this variation. Overall this was a 5/5 in my books and I cannot wait to come back!


143 South La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036


The Sycamore  Kitchen is open everyday between 8am-5pm
Breakfast is from 8-11:30 Monday through Friday, and 8-12:30 on Saturday and Sunday
Lunch everyday from 11am-5pm


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