Pressed Juicery Freeze

Whenever I’m on a health kick, but still need an indulgence  I head to Pressed Juicery. Call me a basic California girl but their “Freeze” is truly what I crave on a hot day. Now I wouldn’t exactly say that this treat is going to make you want to go vegan, but I definitely would argue that trying this customizable dessert will fill your cravings.

I would recommend sticking to the chocolate and vanilla as the fruit and greens is truly just a frozen version of the pressed juices. The chocolate and vanilla tend to be a little grainier than normal soft serve, however, when loaded with cacao drizzle or almond butter, this becomes a non-guilty pleasures. This is a one-of-a-kind dessert that you could have everyday and never feel bad about. There are so many options of desserts and snacks around LA that could definitely ruin a diet, but this treat will simply keep you on track and make you a much happier person.


The Grove, 101 S. The Grove Drive K4, Los Angeles, CA 90036

6201 Hollywood Blvd #128 Los Angeles, CA 90028

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