Bondi Harvest

While I was sad to leave Australia’s delicious food, most significantly the amazing food, I was happy to find out that one of my favorite Australian chefs was opening a restaurant in Santa Monica! Bondi Harvest is your typical delicious Australian café. Unreal avocado toasts ( the haloumi is my favorite), acai bowls, and delicious breakfast salads. Other highlights include the egg sandwich, a divine concoction, and the eggs and toast, an Australian classic. One of my favorite aspects of this restaurant was the ability to watch the creation of the physical building and menu through Tastemade’s short series. It was amazing to watch the details that went into the intense coffee blends, the artists who painted original work, and the transformation from an off-putting shack. I highly recommend trying this café for a quick bite and coffee. I can forecast myself coming back in the future to try the next new dish!

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