Whole 30 Restaurant Guide

In an attempt to take on Whole30 during the new year, I have compiled a list of restaurants in the area that deliver via UberEats or Postmates! Download the PDF to share with colleagues or simply scroll through the list below. Enjoy!

Whole 30 Restaurants :

Chomp Eatery and Juice Station – Paleo Burger, Protein Plate, Salads

no cheese, no creamy dressings

Sweetgreen – make your own salad, no grains, no cheese, no beans, no soy

Simplethings – plates and salads, no dressing, no cheese on sides, no dried cherries

Tocaya – salads, bowls, lettuce tacos, no cheese, no tortillas, no grains, no beans, no raisins

Panini Kabob Grill – salads and kabobs, no cheese, no rice

Fresh Corn Grill – plates, veggies, no cheese, no grains

La Scala – chopped salad, fish entrees, no cheese, no beans

Flower Child – salads, no cheese, no beans, veggies and proteins

True Food Kitchen – salads, no cheese, entrees no grains, no raisins, vegetable crudite no dips

Cava – make your own, no grains, no dips, no cheese

Society Kitchen – entrees, salads no cheese, no raisins, no beans, no corn, no edamame

Tender Greens – plates and veggies, salads, no cheese, no tortilla or wonton or peanuts or beans

California Chicken Cafe – salads, no cheese, no croutons, no pasta, veggie sides, make your own salad

Simply Salad make your own salad, no grains, no cheese, no beans, no soy, check dressing

Urth Caffe – salads, no cheese, no pesto, no dried fruit, omelets, no cheese

Sea Salt Fish Grill grilled fish, no poke (no soy), sides, no soy based sauces

The Hive – salads add chicken or eggs, bone broth, smoothies no honey, no cheese, no corn or beans, no quinoa, smoothies, juices no honey

Kreation Kafe -eggs, no cheese, salads no beans or corn, kabobs no rice or corn,

Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop – build your own salad, no cheese, no beans, no corn, no dried fruit, no croutons, build your own entrees with veggie sides

Quicksand – tossed to order salads, no cheese, no creamy dressing, no croutons, no dried fruit

California Fresh – salads, no cheese, no dried fruit, no beans,

Lunetta All Day – salads, no cheese, no corn, no wontons, dressing on the side

Mendocino Farms – salads, no cheese, no grains, no croutons, no tofu

R+D Kitchen – salads no cheese, no creamy dressing, salmon entree no potatoes, chicken no tabbouleh, veggie sides

Bio Bar – salads, no soy dressing, no wontons, no cheese, smoothies no honey


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